Israeli Flag It should be noted that while the article may not have been written by Rachel Corrie, it is sourced as being published by the International Solidarity Movement.  The confusion came from the fact that the only name appearing on the page is "Rachel" which appears at the bottom of the page.
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To the person who does the site:

I inadvertently and unfortunately stumbled upon your website. I found the letter that you sent to Tikkun, quoting Rachel Corrie's supposed praise of "terrorists," at:

You sourced the following web page for the quote:

Even if the statements on that page somehow condoned "terrorism," I can say for a fact that that statement was not written by my friend Rachel Corrie. Rachel was never in Nablus.

The web page actually reprints letters from two different people. Rachel's letter begins in the second half, opening with, "To Olympia from Rafah." I know, because I was one of the recipients of her frequent postings from Rafah. I do not know who wrote the letter that appears on the first half of that web page.

I know that people like you have been trying really hard to discredit the spirit of my friend Rachel. Unfortunately you will have a difficult time, because -- surprise -- Rachel really was a remarkably caring and thoughtful person.

Perhaps you are a person who honors the truth, in which case you will remove the web page in which you made the false accusation against Rachel. If not, none of us will lose any sleep over it. The people who actually knew Rachel already know the truth.

And to Tikkun: Thank you for all your work.


Phan Nguyen

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