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Casualty Statistics and Terror Victim Databases for the Israeli Arab Conflict

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Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs server - Lists of terror attacks on Israelis abroad go back to 1970.  Look up each incident to see whether it was a suicide bombing, a car bomb,  bus bomb or sniper fire and can also see information about the individual
The best terror attack database goes back to 1988, on
If you click on each relevant organization, there is also a historical
picture of what the attacks were.
Pro-Palestinian Arab propagandists constantly and illogically look to the numbers of fatalities on the Palestinian Arab and Israeli sides as justification of the position that the Palestinian Arabs are innocent victims.  They base this on the fact that since 27 September 2000 nearly three times as many Palestinian Arabs have been killed as Israelis.  The statistics tell the real story in the current conflict.  Only 16.7% of Palestinian Arab fatalities are verified civilian non-combatants, whereas 69.1% of Israeli fatalities are verified civilian non-combatants.  This of course doesn't take into account the nearly 256 Israelis killed in the period between the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993 and September 2000.  Less than 50 Palestinian Arab were killed in that same period, virtually all of them verified terrorists.
Breakdown of Fatalities: 27 September 2000 through Present
B'Tselem Casualty Database (Extreme left wing, Pro-Palestinian orginization)
Complete Government Database of Israeli Terror Victims (Hebrew Only)
Fatal Terrorist Attacks in Israel Since the Declaration of Principles
(September 1993)
List of Selected International Terrorist Incidents 1945 TO 1998
Graphs of Terror and Crime shows 30 year graph from 1967 until 1997.
Information about terrorism summarized by year. 1993-2000
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