Disengagement Cost

IMRA - Saturday, January 8, 2005 Source: Disengagement cost is grossly underestimated
Globes [online] - Disengagement cost balloons
Globes [online] - Total disengagement cost - NIS 8-8.5b
The Disengagement Price Tag , Imri Tov - STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT, Vol 8 No 3 - JCSS
Globes [online] - Growth slowed to 4.9% in second half of 2005


Heavy-hearted Palestinians taking their chances abroad
Report: Arab, Jewish birthrates in Jerusalem equal for first time - Haaretz - Israel News
globeandmail.com: Heavy-hearted Palestinians taking their chances abroad
Monthly Bulletin of Statistics
sources of population growth PDF
medium variant - components of population growth
Fallout of Hamas's rule spurs Palestinian desire to flee | csmonitor.com
Arab Interest in Emigration Soars
American-Israel Demographic Research Group (AIDRG)
האם יהיה שווויון דמוגרפי ב- 2010? - בארץ - חדשות - ערוץ 7
An Old Heresy Haunts Israel - WSJ.com
Israpundit » Blog Archive » No demographic time bomb should mean no two-state solution
Demographer: Israel should relinquish Palestinian areas of Jerusalem - Haaretz - Israel News
A Palestinian State is Not the Answer
Demographic Misrepresentation – Examine No Evil, Know No Evil, Report No Evil, Yoram Ettinger

Voluntary Emigration / Population Exchange / Transfer

New proposal: Transfer-for-cash plan | Jerusalem Post
יהדות nrg - "מבצע שרה אמנו"
Column One: Where Israel went astray | Jerusalem Post
Humanitarian Regional Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Fallout of Hamas's rule spurs Palestinian desire to flee | csmonitor.com
Jerusalem Summit
Ynet - יש פתרון לסכסוך - דעות
Jerusalem Summit
Development Studies Programme (DSP) - Opinion Polls: Poll No. 28
Arab Interest in Emigration Soars
Development Studies Programme (DSP) - Opinion Polls: Poll No. 28
Poll: 62% want Arab emigration - News from Israel, Ynetnews
Arab Interest in Emigration Soars - Google Search
פתרון הימין לאיום הדמוגרפי - פותחים נושא - חדשות - ערוץ 7
Homeland International, Inc.
Transfer of Arabs from Palestine
AngloMoledet : Message: [Fwd: [Freemanlist] Poll: Most Israelis Say State Should Get Arabs to Leave]
AngloMoledet : Message: re: Demographic Boogyman
AngloMoledet : Message: Survey of Palestinians: 70% could be induced to permanently leave
AngloMoledet : Message: Re: [AngloMoledet] Digest Number 127

There is an Alternative

Jerusalem News 421-450
JoeSettler: An Alternative Plan to the Disengagement
"There is an Alternative" zimmerman Seid Wise - Google Search
Re: There is an Alternative - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
There is an Alternative
Our Jerusalem.com -
Pro-Jewish Action
Saba Yeshayah: Funding incentives to encourage voluntary Arab emigration more cost effective than new unilateral Israel withdrawal
Israpundit » Blog Archive » Israel should keep Judea and Samaria

Palestinian emigration on the rise | Jerusalem Post
Our World: Welcome to Palestine | Jerusalem Post
Palestinian W. Bank residents: 'We don't deserve a state' | Jerusalem Post
albawaba.com middle east news information::One Country: Reviewing an Alternative Vision
Israpundit » Blog Archive » Seek an humanitarian solution not a political one

Isreali, Jewish & Middle Eastern News

Daily News

Arutz Sheva Israel Broadcasting Network (English)
Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio (Hebrew)
Israel's Business Arena - Globes
JTA - News at a Glance
Israel Resource Review -- 21st December, 1999 Newsletter about Israel,Palestinians,the Middle East,Jerusalem,Gaza,Netanyahu,Peres,Abu Mazen,Wye,Clinton,Albright,PNC,PLO,Fatah,Hamas and a host of other players on the middle-eastern stage
Ynet - news and content from Israel (Yedioth Ahronoth web site)
רשת ב' של קול ישראל
אתר הצופה
albawaba.com: middle east news information
הארץ דף הבית
Haaretz Daily Newspaper Israel, Israeli News Source
מעריב nrg
Middle East News on Yahoo! News


Ariel Center for Policy Research - ACPR
Commentary Magazine -- July-August 2000 -- Were the Palestinians Expelled?, by Efraim Karsh
News of Israel
The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
Maariv's Internet Columns by Sarit Perkol
Al-Ahram Weekly | Front page
Jordan Times: Tuesday, March 9, 1999
Secret service agent-provocateur Avishai Raviv The Shamgar report
Commentary Magazine
MK Chanan Porat calls for investigation into forensic institute chief
חדשות הערוץ הראשון
hasbara Israel ADVOCACY - Hasbara.us
The Facts
bitterlemons.org - Palestinian - Israeli crossfire
Zionism & Israel Center
Unity Coalition for Israel
Eye on the UN
lgf: reasonably competent computer enthusiasts
The Ettinger Report

General Jewish, Israeli, ME Sites


The Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies - Overview
The Open University of Israel
Yehud : Israel : Education : Colleges and Universities
http://www.icsep.org.il - The Israel Center for Social & Economic Progress
מכון וינגייט - חיים של איכות - Wingate

History and Research

úîåðåú îñéåø äç"ëéí
AltaVista - Web Results
Deir Yassin - Introduction
Jabotinsky Ze'ev -- Israeli Classical Liberal (Libertarian) Website
United States Committee for a Free Lebanon (USCFL) - Home Page
Israel Affairs Home Page
Jewish World Review: Cal Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Laura, Walter Williams, Mona Charen, Jeff Jacoby, Don Feder
Zionist Organization of America
Mercaz Shalem
WebVoyage Record View 3
AIPAC- American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
WebVoyage Titles
BookFinder.com Results
MERIA - Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Home
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies - Main Page>
The Palestine Mandate
The Avalon Project : Palestine 1916-1998 : A Documentary Record
Welcome to SaveIsrael.com
Campus Watch
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
ICT Casualties Database - Search Results
Palestine Facts Home Page
Ancient Maps of Jerusalem
Dhimmis and Dhimmitude: The Status of Minorities Under Islamic Rule
Dhimmis and Dhimmitude
Munich September 5, 1972 ::
From "Occupied Territories" to "Disputed Territories," by Dore Gold
In Memory: Jeanne Kirkpatrick - IRIS Blog
Concept Wizard - Info page
Eretz Isreal Forever
History of Israel, from 1850-present
CAMERA: Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
http://www.icsep.org.il - The Israel Center for Social & Economic Progress
Land of Israel
Foreign Relations, 1964-1968, Volume XIX, Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967

Islamic and Arab Sites

Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community
Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre
PASSIA: Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs - Jerusalem
Birzeit University's Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites
Palestinian National Authority Official Website
Palestinian Legislative Council
Hizb ut-Tahrir
Welcome to Khilafah.com
Al-Aqsa Islamic Website
CPRR - Council for Palestinian Restitution and Repatriation
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights
Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society
MSA-USC Hadith Database
The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ)
Rafah Reports, Palestine, home demolitions, photos
Aljazeera.Net - Home Page
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations

Israeli Political Partys

àúø äàéðèøðè ùì îôìâú äòáåãä
Virtual Jerusalem - Meimad
Haichud Haleumi
The Moledet Site
The Likud
Herut - The National Jewish Movement


Jewish Software - Sponsored by Torah Educational Software (TES)
Special Features - Project Genesis
! Kosher foods and Jewish Foods from-KosherSupermarket.com - Welcome to the World's largest Kosher Supermarket, we have the largest selection of Kosher Foods for Jewish Holidays and kosher kitchens
l e a r n @ j t s DID YOU KNOW? A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice
l e a r n @ j t s DID YOU KNOW? GRP: Chapter 21, Part 1
l e a r n @ j t s DID YOU KNOW? GRP: Chapter 21, Part 2
l e a r n @ j t s DID YOU KNOW? GRP: Chapter 21, Part 3
Asian American Kashrus Services
World Global Jewish Synagogue Directory. Rabbis, Prayer.
Outreach Judaism - responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults. Responds to Jews For Jesus
Canfei Nesharim

Other Anti-Israel or Anti-Semitic

The Divest from Israel Campaign: Join People of Conscience DIVEST NOW!
Gush Shalom
שלום עכשיו
ei: Electronic Intifada
The Right to a Home and a Homeland
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Jerusalem Center for Social & Economic Rights - Home -
New Jersey Solidarity
Jerusalem Photo
Jewish Friends of Palestine Organization Index
BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Country profiles | Country profile: Israel and Palestinian autonomous areas


Anthropology Dictionary - P
GMU Libraries' Media Collection Guide: Anthropology
TOPI--Sample first chapter
In a Dangerous Place -- Pakistan -- Fielding's DangerFinder
Northern Light Search: (pathan AND jew) OR (pathan AND hebrew) OR (pathan AND lost tribe)
United Israel - Lost Tribes Booklet
Israelites Came To Ancient Japan
Quest for the Lost Tribes
Middle East Discussion Forum of the Egyptian Gazette
Middle East Discussion Forum of the Egyptian Gazette
1998 Letters
The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles
History of NWFP
ARACHOSIA and the Origin of the name HRVAT (Croat)


Wolf Blitzer

AltaVista: Simple Query +"wolf blitzer" +pollard

Justice for Jonathan Pollard
IALJP WWW Page (Jonathan Pollard)
Pollard the Traitor

Sephardi Links

Institut Sépharade Européen - Instituto Sefardi Europeo - European Sephardic Institute
The Forgotten Refugees - Home
JIMENA - Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa


The Temple Mount Archaeological Destruction
Photograph Archive: Jerusalem
The JAFI Austria Watch Web Site
Communities in Judea and Samaria and Jordan Valley
Shamash Home Page
14 Adar I 5760 - Purim Katan - OU.ORG - Your Gateway To The Jewish Internet - Torah, Jerusalem, Israel, Kosher, NCSY, Pardes Project and More...2/20/00
OU/NCSY Israel Center Torah tidbits - Bringing the world of Jewish learning to you!
Live Israeli News & programs (radio/television) in Real Audio and Live Video broadcast over the Internet by Artificia's IsraelClub. News, live, Israel, Israeli news/information, Israeli culture, Hebrew, Israeli media, current affairs, Internet Radio, real audio and live video, multimedia.
The jerusalem.* News Hierarchy
Deja.com: Discussions
The Israeli Government's Official Website, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deja.com: Power Search Results
ICT - Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism
NEWS Issue 6/February 2000, RESEARCH GUIDE: Researching Jerusalem
Welcome to Mugraby Hostel Tel-Aviv
The Temple Mount Archaeological Destruction
îèä äîàá÷ ìîòï øîú äâåìï
Politics Now - The Israeli Politics Site
Aliyah - Olim Organizations
Deadly Sting by Natan Gefen
Jacob Richman's Hot Sites - Jewish
Microsoft's Glossary
MidEast Web - Gateway
CIA -- The World Factbook 1999 -- West Bank
The Scribe - Journal of Babylonian Jewry
OU/NCSY Israel Center Torah tidbits - Bringing the world of Jewish learning to you!
A Page of Talmud
Hebrew-mIRC Homepage The Best Hebrew mIRC Script For IRC
Welcome to KKL's Home Page
Internet Domains in Israel
Yellow Pages, Israel
Temple Mount & Land of Israel Faithful Movement
Insiders' Middle East Intrigue
Women in Green
Root & Branch Association Home Page
Gamla News, Politics, Interviews, Military commentary and views from Israel Hebrew HomePage
Zionist Concepts - British Rule
Lecture 5
Israel Resource Review -- 21st December, 1999 Newsletter about Israel,Palestinians,the Middle East,Jerusalem,Gaza,Netanyahu,Peres,Abu Mazen,Wye,Clinton,Albright,PNC,PLO,Fatah,Hamas and a host of other players on the middle-eastern stage
Sucks '99
El Al - 4sale
A Comparison of Israeli International Phone Rates
The Jewish Agency Homepage
Nana Portal - Provided by Netvision
Nana by Netvision
Mail-Jewish Rav Soloveichek Archives
Jewish Torah Audio of 613.org Index of Classes
Jewish Defense Organization Media Resources
äøùåú äùðéä - îñê øàùé
SightCom Express - ñééè÷åí à÷ñôøñ
Channel #Israel Guidelines
Welcome to WALLA!
òáøéú áàéðèøðè
A webmasters smorgasbord of free resources - how to create a Hebrew site in the internet
Hebrew University Information Servers
G-Sites HomePage
Hi-Tec Job
Egged Home Page
The Jewish Webring Exchange
Mario's Cyberspace Station: Lebanon
Home of the Ottoman Sephardim
Hebrew Fonts By INTERNITY
Ethiopian Jews Table of Contents
American-Israel Cooperative Enterprise
Virtual Jerusalem Channel Guide
Welcome to AUTO
Israel On Line
Free Ron Arad!
Arutz 7 Homepage
Arutz 7 Heb-Homepage
ilMuseums : Israel Museums Guide
History of Israel, Palestine & Zionism, Refugees, PLO. Terrorism, Arab-Israeli COnflict
one Jerusalem
ùòøé ùëí
Answering Islam, A Christian-Muslim Dialog and Apologetic
JR Things - Israel Maps
Keshev - About Keshev
Jerusalem Day
The American Holocaust
Antiquities Now - Fighting archeological theft and the destruction of antiquities
We Should Not Forget
Jewish Statesmahip U.S. Sales Site
Shimon Says
30-úîåðåú à"é áùðåú ä - Palestine in the 1930's
Myths & Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
American Zionist Movement | Home
Ariel Center for Policy Research - ACPR
Yamin Israel
MENALIB: Middle East Virtual Library
Middle East News Online
Naomi Ragen
Welcome to Myths & Facts
Israel's War Against Palestinian Terror - http://www.oslo-war.com
MidEastTruth - Middle East Truth
Jewish Legion.net
Hasbara from WUJS
יריחו -- המפתח של ארץ ישראל
Ynet - תרבות ובידור
israelVisit -- visit Israel without leaving, and buy beautiful Judaica, Jewish & Israeli art, and many other Israeli and Jewish products
Eshel - A Journal of Neo-Zionist Thought
Ayn Rand Institute -- In Moral Defense of Israel
Tivuch Shelly
Smolanim - Peace Now, Labor, Liberal, Left, Meretz, Peres, Sarid, Beilin, Barak, Ben Ami, Sneh, Rubinstein, Dayan, Rabin
The Cat Welfare Society of Israel Homepage
Jewish Quarter Jerusalem
Mahal2000 - Volunteer to the IDF - Israeli Defense Forces
Yahoo! Groups : janglo
Computer Jobs in Israel
Assisted Emigration Services
Middle East, Israel, Palestine Multimedia Page
Bangitout.com: Jewish Comedy for the Circumsized
Ha'aretz - Article List
שער עברית לאתר הכנסת
משרד האוצר
Bank of Israel - Welcome!
Deport the Fuckers.com
Israeli Weapons
קטיף.נט האתר הרשמי של גוש קטיף
The Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel)
Jerusalem Forever
Beit Orot
MidEast Web - Middle East Conflict and Peace Process Historical Background
The book gallery - rare books, rare prints, used books etc
Israemploy / Job Seekers Home
Brigitte Gabriel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies: Welcome
Israeli History Resources at Questia - The Online Library of Books and Journals
The Emperor's New Clothes
Kosher Today
One State Plan: A Democratic Jewish State
Israpundit » Blog Archive » Divide and Conquer
Hanefesh: kosher Symbols and Food Guidance
Humanitarian Regional Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Results of Elections to the 16th Knesset - Jan 28- 2003
Israeli Election Results- May 1999
Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
» israelreporter.com
Dual Standards of Justice, Freedom of Speech - IRIS Blog
Ynet אולמרט: הניצחון בלבנון ייתן תנופה להתכנסות - חדשות
Israel Justice - Main page
Ateret Cohanim page

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Congress For Truth | Brigitte Gabriel
Vital Perspective: Video: Brigitte Gabriel Discusses Radical Islam in Heritage Foundation Forum

Brian Sayre ISM article

FrontPage magazine.com
FrontPage magazine.com
Google Search: "Tom Hurndall"
Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event
Activist's death focuses spotlight on Mideast struggle
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Israeli report clears troops over US death

ארועים ושיעורים
כיפה :: פסח בכיפה
Why Israel is Slowly Committing Suicide - IRIS Blog
Innocents Abroad
King-Crane.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Matisyahu Keeps the Faith
Middle East Peace Process
Modiin - Jerusalem bus schedule
Jacob Richman's Hot Sites - Jewish - Holidays - Rosh HaShana